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Increase productivity and professionalism in the workplace with PRIVATE CAREER ADVISING. Our experts offer developmental training that enhances your company's relationships with clients and each other, improves employee productivity and morale, and elevates overall organizational success.

Corporate & Nonprofit Workshops
Corporate & Nonprofit Workshops

Whether you represent a large corporation, small business organization, or a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, enhancing your employees' skill set is essential to success. We conduct workshops and seminars, facilitate Board Retreats, and lead advanced Focus Groups. We also work with executives and managers on improving communication skills to allow for optimum performance and productivity.

Some of the available workshops are:

• Conflict Resolution & Improving Productivity
Effective Communication
• Achieving Success in the Work place
Employee Development
Public Speaking


Workshops can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Our associates specialize in teaching conflict resolution skills. We come to your location and talk with employees one-on-one and in teams to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement. Our team communicates this information to upper management and develops a plan to improve.  This plan allows employees an opportunity to better focus on their work in a more productive, work-friendly environment.

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