“Lynn Sommer has been a great asset to our young Pepperdine students as a mentor, career coach, and professional listening ear.  She brings professionalism, energy, direction and encouragement to enhance our students educational and career goals.  I highly recommend working with Lynn to reach a level of excellence in career or scholastic endeavors. “

Heidi Bernard
Executive Director, Crest Associates
Pepperdine University



"Lynn Sommer worked with our son as he prepared to job hunt after college.  She had lots of advice on how he should present himself (both in a resume and in person), how he should organize the job hunt, and what follow up he needed to undertake.  Using Lynn was a huge burden off his father's and my shoulders.  But most important, our son liked Lynn enormously and had a wise adult, not his parents, to guide him through the process.  I only wish we could have used Lynn's services earlier as our son undertook the college quest."

Catharine Gilson

Career Advice
"Lynn has provided stellar service to the Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women & Children for many years. Her calm and caring demeanor and her outstanding business and coaching skills have helped our staff to enhance their interaction with each other and to deliver better services to our mothers and children. She also coaches our Moms and has been instrumental in moving them forward in their job searches---and eventually to a better life."

Marcia Wilson Hobbs, Board President
Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women & Children

“Lynn Sommer has proven to be an invaluable external resource for our team.  Her experience and approach brings an unbiased perspective to coaching our people from the staff to partner levels, with micro and macro issues, to become better professionals.  Her  insight and personality has been welcomed by our employees and they recognize the value of Lynn’s contributions to making our team work better together.”


Cathleen A. Bucholtz
Managing Director & National Practice Leader-Unclaimed Property
True Partners Consulting LLC

"Lynn Sommer is a remarkable professional who balances the wisdom gleaned from her decades of corporate experience with a passion for helping people reach their potential.  Through her work as a coach in the Career Coaching Program at Pepperdine University, Lynn has generously shared her insight about how to succeed in the world of work with students seeking professional guidance and support.  Her commitment to others' success is marked by the jobs and other professional opportunities students have secured as a result of her patient care and guidance.  We're grateful for Lynn's willingness to serve our students and the Career Coaching Program."

Amy Adams
Director, Seaver College Career Center
Pepperdine University
"Like many children, our daughter was going through a rough transition especially when she moved from a private institution into a public school. She was distraught a lot of the time and not doing well with her grades. Ms. Sommer came to us at just the right time. She began by gaining our daughter's trust, giving her the confidence that she could be herself. She then created the "magic" by helping her take responsibility for her actions and her future.
They have worked together for a number of years, and it is thanks to Ms. Sommer that our daughter is able to make more discerning choices. She is a consummate professional and a wise human being. Camille sees her not only as her counselor but as a trusted friend."

Isabel & Luis Castañeda


"Working with Lynn really helped me make the right decisions throughout high school. I felt very comfortable with her and I felt that I could trust her to help me make good decisions."

“My personal mentor, Lynn, has been a blessing.  She’s taken numerous hours out of her busy schedule to meet with me and give guidance.  Her professional  experiences  and knowledge have given me practical expectations for my future that I will build upon.  She has been  an exemplary mentor this semester, clearly going above and beyond her requirements.”
Taylor, Pepperdine, Class of 2011

“My mentor, Lynn Sommer, has become such a blessing in my life, and has made herself available to invest time and energy in every individual group member’s needs. 

Regarding the workforce, as well as in personal areas of life, she has put things into perspective for me and challenged me to think about my true goals and how to achieve them with confidence and determination. . . I am thankful for my Career Coach.”

Andrea, Pepperdine, Class of 2011

“I was lucky my mentor spent time with me outside of our meetings to help me perfect my interviewing techniques.”

Kelsey, Pepperdine, Class of 2013

“I learned a life lesson from Lynn Sommer, my mentor, that we should overcome our fear of rejection because it could be the biggest obstacle standing between us and success.”

Yixin, Pepperdine, Class of 2014

"I just wanted to again reiterate my gratitude for your willingness to be a reference for me, as well as for being such a wonderful mentor to all of us. All of the time, effort, and patience that you practiced with us was so meaningful, and having you for a coach was the best fit I could have imagined. I learned so much from both this program and from your advice and experiences."

Corina, Pepperdine University, Class of 2013

"I periodically like to update people that have helped me with my job search on how I am doing. . .
I will let you know what happens after my last interview and after I accept a position at one of these . . . firms. I also just wanted to say thank you for spending your free time helping me with my resume. . . So again, thank you for all your help. It has really paid off and I have really never been happier. I will keep you posted on my decision and any other jobs. All the best."

Matthew, UC Santa Cruz, Class of 2013

"Thank you for taking the time yesterday morning to speak at our PAC meeting and provide us with specific and practical ways of effectively navigating the workplace. I especially appreciated your points on the art of emails and managing relationships at work, particularly in regards to bosses. I look forward to putting your words into practice as I prepare for what’s next after graduation."

Jenna, Pepperdine University, Class of 2016

“I was so blessed to be paired with Lynn Sommer while participating in the Career Coaching Program at Pepperdine University. At the time, I was very uncertain of the next professional step I would take with my background in Sports Medicine. Lynn helped me sort through my options, while encouraging me to get hands on experience and ultimately be thinking about the life I want to live and the person I want to be. Lynn has edited my resume and cover letters multiple times, as well as conducted mock interviews to help me build confidence. She has an incredible amount of experience helping others and is knowledgeable about so many career paths.  It has been a blessing when preparing for post-graduation life to receive quick and expert advice from Lynn with a simple call, text, or email. Lynn undeniably has all the skills to help you succeed, but more importantly her positivity, honesty, and genuine concern for your future is what makes her an incredible mentor.”

Jessica, Pepperdine University, Class of 2016

"Lynn is a wonderful mentor with a gift for connecting with people of all ages. She helped my youngest son get through the last of his essay writing for college applications, and helped prep him for his interviews and auditions. She had great advice and gave him suggestions to help calm anxiety and nerves before the auditions. She is a caring person who helps others be their best, and then she teaches them how to clearly present the best of who they are. She even gave me a parent “to-do” list with hints on how to help support my son before his interviews and auditions. She knows how to empower people!"

Jane Kobayashi, 5D.2D Studio, Santa Monica, CA